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PLM baseline

A PLM baseline refers to a specific version of a product's data that has been formally approved and released by the appropriate stakeholders within an organization. This version of the product data serves as a reference point, or "baseline," for future changes and development.

In a PLM system, a baseline is a snapshot of the product data at a specific point in time. It includes all of the information about the product, such as its design, engineering, and manufacturing data. This information is stored in the PLM system and can be accessed and used by the relevant stakeholders.

The process of creating a PLM baseline typically involves reviewing and approving the product data, and then "freezing" that version of the data so that it cannot be modified without going through a formal change management process. Once a baseline is established, any future changes to the product data must be tracked, recorded and approved. This process helps to maintain the integrity of the product data, and support compliance with industry standards and regulations.

PLM baselines are used to control changes in the product data, and keep track of the evolution of the product over time. They help to ensure that the product data is accurate and up-to-date, and that everyone is working with the same version of the data.

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