Pharmaceutical, Medtech and cosmetics PLM, PPM & Go To Market platform


About Platflow

Platflow is a SaaS network-based global collaborative platform.


We firmly believe that every company within the life science industry should have a clear understanding of the information and journey of all their products, from the initial idea to their market launch. We are convinced that this is essential for every player in this field.

Raffaele Marranzini CEO Lean IT Lean 

Platflow was created by Lean IT based on over 10 years of experience in the Life Science industry. Platflow streamlines innovation and speeds up projects by providing simplified, reliable tools.

Here's how we help

Assisting medium to large companies with PLM, PPM & G2M strategy implementation and enhancement

Tailoring PLM, PPM & G2M systems for various business needs: production, research, regulation, and product portfolio management

Experienced with over 30 projects in PLM, PPM, and G2M for Life Science firms

Benefits for Our Customers

Quicker innovation

Efficient project execution

Shortened time-to-market

Our main office is in Basel, Switzerland, which is a key place for Life Science businesses, and we also have a team in Italy that develops our software.

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