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PLM approval

PLM approval refers to the process of formally approving and releasing product-related information and data within a PLM system. This process is typically used to ensure that only accurate, up-to-date, and approved information is used in the development and manufacture of a product.
The PLM approval process typically involves multiple levels of review and approval by different stakeholders, such as product development teams, engineering, quality, and management. This ensures that all aspects of the product have been considered and that any issues have been identified and addressed before the product is released for manufacture.
The PLM approval process is also closely linked to the change management process, where any changes made to the product are tracked, recorded and approved. This process is critical to maintain the integrity of the product data and to support compliance with industry standards and regulations.
PLM approval process can be automated using the PLM system and can include email notifications, digital signature, and workflow management to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

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